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Nance Landscape

Our Philosophy

“Do what you say and say what you mean.
Be fair and considerate and demand the same.”

We are a company dedicated to listening to our client’s needs and with creative design and cutting edge techniques and materials working together to achieve an end result that excited our clients and energizes our team.

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Design
Step 3: Design Review
Step 4: Build Estimate
Step 5: Confirm and Schedule Work

Over 30 Years of Excellent Landscaping in Southwest Oklahoma

Our Founder
Craig Nance

Craig Nance, Owner & Landscape Designer

Raised in a generation where home was a mom and dad committed to each other and raising a family. The generation where family moral values were at the top of the list and mom and dad’s were strong enough to raise proud productive Americans. Our home was just the right mix of love and discipline. My mom convinced me I could do anything I set my mind to and dad assured me if I stepped out of line or was disrespectful there would be a price to pay.

My parents gave me the key to successful life; they introduced me to Jesus Christ at a young age and my relationship with him is stronger than it’s ever been and continues to grow.

God blessed me with the gift of creativity and design concepts, gifts with putting color, texture, and scale together. He also gave me an inherent knowledge of horticulture. In a nutshell, I am doing what I was born to do!

I am blessed to have a wife who shared and supports me and all my dreams. Together, we have five adult children, all warriors in their own unique way. We have seven grandchildren now, with expectation of more to come.

Having outlived my dad and little brother and personally surviving several near-death accidents, I value every sunrise and sunset and the moments between the two.

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